The Cambridge Center for Sixth-form Studies ranks among the top UK schools in 2018. With a diverse student body and teaching staff, CCSS effectively prepares students for college and post-graduation life. From liberal arts and sciences to business and world history, the Center offers a broad range of studies for domestic and international students. This includes flexible class schedules, along with courses taught by industry-leading and seasoned professors. With smaller class sizes, students get the personalized attention they need to master an array of subjects.
Life at CCSS
Life at CCSS is unlike any other educational experience. In fact, students are free to express their thoughts, ideas and perceptions within an interactive an engaging environment. With a strong emphasis on critical and free thinking, CCSS helps shape the futures of students with self-confidence and precise direction. Students also get to celebrate the pluralism and diversity that makes CCSS a special place to learn. From A Level to GCSE courses, students are able to prepare for college – along with entrance exams or tests for advanced placement credits.
No matter the semester or session, students will truly have the educational experience of a lifetime. With a fully supportive and proactive environment, now is the perfect time to register for upcoming courses and get the education you deserve.
The CCSS Staff
The CCSS staff features leading professional, instructors and guidance counselors. With years of extensive academic experience, they have helped countless students meet their educational goals and aspirations. The staff also believes in helping students learn at their own pace, while teaching them vital skills they can use throughout life. As the cornerstones of CCSS, faculty and students work together to create an environment that is conducive to higher learning – and excellence in education. You can learn more on their website,